• TFF-EVs-Small- tangential flow filtration-based device

TFF-EVs-Small - tangential flow filtration-based device

Sample type:

EVs containing matrices (i.e. urine, conditioned cell media, plasma, serum)


1 concentrator

Product overview:

  Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is emerging as one of the most efficient methods      for the purification of extracellular vesicles. The TFF-EVs filter allows a rapid,          reproducible and scalable purification of EVs. It can be used on the lab bench for    purifying small volume of samples or connected with a mechanical system for          purifying larger volumes. During the purification, the sample is simultaneously          concentrated. 

  Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9gBxE6VtXc

Technical Features:

Filter cartridge:

Filtering surface (sqm)

Fiber pore size (nm)           

   Cut off (kDa)

   Sterilization method 

Hollow fibers made of polyethersulfone


50 +/- 10


   e-beams sterilization

Sample volume per reaction:

From 10 ml up to 1000 ml

EV recovery:


Concentration time:

5 minutes


Multiple times


   Fast and scalable EV purification and concentration 

   • Depletion of FBS from bovine EVs 

   • Particle buffer exchange and removal of unbound dye. 

TFF-EVs-Small- tangential flow filtration-based device

  • 240.00€

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