• TFF-EVs-Large- tangential flow filtration-based device

TFF-EVs-Large – tangential flow filtration-based device

Sample type:

EVs containing matrices (i.e. urine, conditioned cell media, plasma, serum, plant extracts)


1 concentrator

Product overview:

Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is emerging as one of the most efficient methods for the purification of extracellular vesicles. The TFF-EVs filter allows a rapid, reproducible and scalable purification of EVs. It can be used on the lab bench for purifying small volume of samples or connected with a mechanical system for purifying larger volumes. During the purification, the sample is simultaneously concentrated. 

Technical Features:

Filter cartridge

Pore size

Cut off (kDa)

Filtering surface (m2)

Internal fiber diameter (μm)

External fiber diameter  (μm)

Fiber number per filter 

Cartridge internal diameter (mm)

Maximum transmembrane pressure (mmHg)

Polyethersulfone hollow fibres

50 nm



210 +/- 10

290 +/- 20

6050 +/- 50



  Maximum flow rate (ml/min):

  Conditioned media


  viscous fluids (plasma, serum)

  Sterilization method 



   115 ml/min

   100 ml/min
   78 ml/min

   e-beams sterilization

Sample volume per reaction:

From 500 ml up to 10 000 ml

EV recovery:


Concentration time:

78 ml/min-115 ml/min


Multiple times


Fast and scalable EV purification and concentration

Depletion of FBS from bovine EVs

Particle buffer exchange and removal of unbound dye. 

TFF-EVs-Large- tangential flow filtration-based device

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