maxPURE-EVs: Size Exclusion Chromatography columns

Sample type

Urine, conditioned cell media or other diluted matrices


3 columns

Product overview

maxiPURE-EVs are size exclusion chromatography columns especially designed for isolating extracellular vesicles from diluted matrices of large volume, such as urine and cell culture media (volume up to 20 ml). One purification takes approximately 30 minutes.

It is recommended to load sample into the column after prior 10X concentration with TFF-Easy. 

Volume of sample

5 ml - 20 ml.

Shipment and storage


Shelf life

12 months


Extracellular vesicle isolation from diluted matrices (urine and cell culture media).

Purification of pre-isolated EVs from contaminants.


Not sterile



maxiPURE-EVs: Size exclusion chromatography columns (3 columns)

  • 510.00€

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