• PURE-EVs: Size exclusion chromatography columns (10 columns)

PURE-EVs: Size Exclusion Chromatography columns

Sample type:

Biofluids or conditioned cell media


10 columns

Product overview:

PURE-EVs are size exclusion chromatography columns especially designed for isolating extracellular vesicles from small volume samples. One purification with PURE-EVs takes approximately 20 minutes.

Volume of sample:

500 µl - 2 ml.

Shipment and storage:


Shelf life:

12 months


EV isolation from biofluids and conditioned cell media.

Purification of pre-isolated EVs from contaminants.


Not sterile



PURE-EVs: Size exclusion chromatography columns (10 columns)

  • 530.00€

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