Exosome RNA basic kit includes reagents and tools for extraction of total RNA from pre-isolated exosomes.


Sample type:

Plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media pre-isolated exosomes.

Starting material:

Kit allows RNA extraction from exosomes pre-isolated from different samples (biofluids or cell culture media).


Kit provides high yield and quality of RNA from pre-isolated vesicles. RNA is suitable for multiple downstream analyses.

Product overview:

RNA basic kit does not contain immunobeads for exosome isolation. It is designed for exosome total RNA (miRNA + mRNAs) from pre-isolated exosomes. Compatible with exosome isolated via ultracentrifuge, chemical precipitation, size chromatography, immunocapture etc.

The kit contains all the reagents necessary for RNA purification, including RNA binding columns for total RNA capture.

Expiration date:

24 months.


RNA Basic Kit (25 reactions)

  • 390.00€

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