Exo-FACS Ready to Use Kit for FACS analysis.

Sample type:

Cell culture media

Starting material:

Exo-FACS contains reagents and antibodies for 20 reaction. Exosome standards must be reconstituted in 100 µl of deionized water. Beads are ready to use for exosome capture. Primary and secondary antibody must be appropriately diluted in sample buffer.

Assay type:

Kit allows fast and easy exosome isolation and detection of exosome markers via FACS. Kit provides a proprietary antibody against a common exosome (CD9 or CD63) marker and a set of purified Exosome Standards as positive control.


4 µm Aldheyde-Sulfate latex beads (100 µl).


Primary antibody for exosome marker detection as positive control (40 ul). Anti-CD63.

Secondary antibody Alexa 488, 20 µl..

Exosome standard:

1 vial (100 µg) of HBM-exosome standards (lyophilized), from COLO1 cell culture supernatant (number of particles/ml 1x1010).

Sample buffer:

Buffer for antibody incubation.

Shipment and storage:

All the reagents are shipped at 4°C and storage conditions as recommended in the product insert.

Expiration date:

12 months.


Exosome isolation and exosome marker characterization via FACS.

Exosome comprehensive profiling.


Exo-FACS ready to use kit for analysis of exosomes markers from cell media

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