EXO-Prep: reagent for quick extracellular vesicle isolation based on chemical precipitation (25 ml)


Sample type:

Conditioned cell media


25 ml

Product overview:

EXO-Prep is an efficient reagent for exosome isolation from cell culture supernatant. EVs are quickly isolated from sample by incubation step with EXO-Prep precipitation reagent. EV containing pellet is then collected by one-step centrifugation and can be easily resuspended in PBS.

Shipment and storage:

Room temperature

Shelf life:

12 months


Single step isolation of EVs from cell culture media.

Isolate the overall EV population in a sample.

Isolated EVs can be used for NTA analysis, protein profiling (WB, FACS, ELISA) and nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) extraction and profiling.


Exosomes one step isolation from cell media 25 reactions

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