Latex Immunobeads for exosome and EV capture

HBM-LS immunobeads are covalently coupled with antibodies against extracellular vesicles (EVs) surface antigens, allowing EVs capture from human biofluids (tested for plasma, serum and urine) and cell culture media without pre-purification steps (ultracentrifuge or other method for exosome purification). Immunobeads are supplied with an Exosome Elution Buffer, that allows detachment and elution of captured exosomes and EVs for downstream analyses, and with a Beads Regeneration Buffer to regenerate immunobeads for further usage. All latex Immunobeads are available in two sizes (0.4 and 1 micron of diameter) and are sold in packages of 10 reactions. A TEST format including material for 3 reactions is available.

Applications: exosome and EV immunoaffinity capture from cell culture media and human biofluids (tested for plasma, serum, urine). Overall exosome isolation from mouse biofluids (tested for plasma and serum). Capture and enrichment of human exosome subpopulation (tumor-derived). Immunobeads are suitable for nucleic acid extraction, protein profiling of exosome markers, exosome elution from immunobeads.

Advantages: Ready to use. Easy, fast and efficient protocol. Small sample volume of biofluid or cell culture medium. No ultracentrifugation or other methods for exosome purification required. Supplied with buffer for exosome elution from beads. Immunobeads can be regenerated with Beads Regeneration Buffer and reused.

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