Pioneering the Extracellular Vesicle field

To extracellular vesicles and beyond!

F.LoriaWe are very happy to announce our Junior Research Scientist, Francesca Loria, is starting an industrial Ph.D. program at Tallinn University of Technology. Her exciting work will focus on the physical and biochemical aspects of extracellular vesicles (EVs), exosomes and nanoparticles, derived from edible and sustainable sources, including food, which are nowadays getting the spotlight for their promising properties and potential applications. To maximize the impact of her project, HansaBioMed Life Sciences will closely collaborate with TFTAK, the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies of the Tallinn Technical University (TalTech), a R&D institution of excellence aiming at developing and implementing innovative food and fermentation biotechnologies. We see great innovation on the horizon and a sea of awesome opportunities on the way, Francesca! Jump on the boat and sail as far as you can!