FLuoEVs: Purified EVs expressing Fluorescent proteins (lyophilized)


FLuoEVs are stably-fluorescent EVs expressing the fluorescent protein EGFP (green) BFP (blue) or mCherry (Red).

FLuoEVs are extracellular vesicles purified by combination of Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) and Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) from cells engineered in order to express the fluorescent proteins as fusion protein with the tetraspanin CD9, CD63 or CD81.

FLuoEVs are currently available from HEK293 Cells, expressing EGFP (check the FluoEVs availability). On customer request, they can be produced from other cell lines and with fluorescent proteins mCherry (red) and BFP (Blue). For information write at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A, B, C: Transfected cells expressing EGFP as fusion protein with CD9, CD81, CD63. D: Purified EVs expressing EGFP.


FLUO-EVs demonstrated high stability of the fluorophores, and several advantages over the lipidic dyes, widely used for the EV labelling, including higher percentage of fluorescent particles.

Moreover, all the fluorescent particles are originated from the parental cells, avoiding artifacts derived from the presence of dye micelles or non-specifically labelled lipidic particles (lipoproteins).

APPLICATIONS: FLuoEVs can be used for cell spike-in experiment and in vitro tracking studies, and as positive control for EV analysis, being compatible with the most common method of analysis (Fluorescence NTA, Flow cytometry, microplate fluorescence reading) and analyzers (Particle Metrix instruments, Nanoanlyzer NanoFCM, etc).


E: Comparison of FluoEVs expressing EGFP and EVs labeled with membrane dye Bodipy, analyzed by F-NTA with Zetaview analyzer (Particle Metrix). F: FluoEVs analyzed by Nanoanalyser NanoFCM.