Optimized solutions for Exosome research

TFF-Easy: EV concentration and dialysis without vesicle loss
Lyophilized Exosomes and Microvesicles from cell conditioned media and human biofluids
PURE-EVs: New and efficient SEC columns for EV isolation
Exosome Quantification kit: easy quantification by ELISA double sandwich assay
Fluorescent Exosomes: green lfluorescent labeled Exosome or Microvesicles
EXO-DNAc: highly pure DNA, suitable for digital PCR analysis
Exo-TotalRNA: includes customizable immunobeads for EV subpopulation enrichment
Latex or Magnetic immunobeads for capturing total or specific EV subpopulations
Precoated or customizable ELISA plate for EV capture
Validated antibodies for EV marker detection
Ev isolation and marker detection by FACS analysis

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